Donald "Dusty" Rhoades (born April 22, 1969), also known by his online alias Dustykatt, is a YouTube celebrity as one of the more recognizable faces of the adult brony fandom for the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. As a 45-year old (in 2014) male with a handlebar moustache and a motorcycle enthusiast, Rhoades has been given the title "The Manliest Brony in the World", based on one of the first videos he had posted to YouTube. He, along with his friend "Screwball" host a weekly podcast "Stay Brony, My Friends" where they discuss the show and interview guests, both from the brony community and from those involved with the show's and extended market production, and is a frequent panelist and host for several brony conventions like BronyCon. He has been featured in two documentaries about the fandom, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony, and A Brony Tale.


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Rhoades was born in Michigan and lives in San Jose, California, where he works at a motorcycle parts store. He has a special interest in Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which he often builds himself in addition to selling parts for them. As of March 11, 2014, he was 45 years old.


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