Robert Heath Foxworth (born November 1, 1941) is an American film, stage, and television actor.

Early life

Robert Foxworth -Early life

Foxworth was born in Houston, Texas, the son of Erna Beth (née Seamman), a writer, and John Howard Foxworth, a roofing contractor. He attended Lamar High School.


Robert Foxworth -Career

Foxworth first gained attention as a stage actor, particularly at Washington, D.C.'s Arena Stage.

He was the original casting of J. R. Ewing in Dallas, but wanted the role softened too much for the producer's taste, and was replaced by Larry Hagman.

Among his numerous movie and television roles, such as in the television series The Storefront Lawyers (1970â€"1971), Foxworth is best known for his stints on Falcon Crest (he played Jane Wyman's long-suffering nephew, Chase Gioberti, from 1981â€"1987) and Six Feet Under (he played Bernard Chenowith from 2001â€"2003) as well as a starring role in Gene Roddenberry's 1974 movie The Questor Tapes. He also appeared in the episode "All My Tomorrows" of the NBC romantic anthology series Love Story in 1973 and in the episode "The Mask of Adonis" from the 1977 NBC science fiction-horror anthology series Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected (known in the United Kingdom as Twist in the Tale). He had a guest starring role on the seventh season of The West Wing and a guest spot on Law & Order.

He has also guest starred in Hawaii Five-O, Password Plus, Murder She Wrote, seaQuest DSV, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Outer Limits, Star Trek: Enterprise, Stargate SG-1 and Babylon 5. He has done voice acting as the corrupt Professor Hamilton on Justice League Unlimited. He also voiced the Autobot Ratchet, in the film version of Transformers and its sequels.


Robert Foxworth -Personal

Foxworth was married from 1964 until 1974 to Marilyn McCormick who together had two children, including actor Bo Foxworth. Foxworth was married to actress Elizabeth Montgomery until her death in 1995.

TV and filmography

  • 1970 - 1971: The Storefront Lawyers
  • 1971 The Mod Squad
  • 1973 Hawaii Five-O
  • 1974 Barnaby Jones
  • 1976 Treasure of Matecumbe
  • 1977: Airport '77
  • 1978: Damien: Omen II
  • 1979: Password Plus (with Elizabeth Montgomery, 5 episodes)
  • 1979: Prophecy
  • 1980: The Memory of Eva Ryker
  • 1980: The Black Marble
  • 1981: Peter and Paul
  • 1981 - 1987: Falcon Crest - Chase
  • 1989: Beyond the Stars
  • 1994: seaQuest DSV
  • 1994: Babylon 5 â€" "Points of Departure", "All Alone in the Night" â€" General William Hague
  • 1996: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - "Homefront" & "Paradise Lost " - Admiral Leyton
  • 1996: The Outer Limits - "Trial by Fire" - Charles Halsey
  • 1998: LateLine
  • 2001: Six Feet Under
  • 2003: Stargate SG-1
  • 2004: Star Trek: Enterprise
  • 2005: Syriana
  • 2005: The West Wing
  • 2007: Transformers â€" voice of Ratchet
  • 2008: Kiss the Bride
  • 2009: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen â€" voice of Ratchet
  • 2011: Transformers: Dark of the Moon â€" voice of Ratchet
  • 2014: Transformers: Age of Extinction â€" voice of Ratchet and Leadfoot

Television films

Robert Foxworth -Television films
  • 1971: Hogan's Goat
  • 1973: The Devil's Daughter
  • 1973: The Wide World of Mystery (Frankenstein)
  • 1974: Mrs. Sundance
  • 1974: The Questor Tapes
  • 1976: Invisible Strangler
  • 1977: It Happened at Lakewood Manor
  • 1978: Death Moon
  • 1980: The Memory of Eva Ryker
  • 1981: Peter and Paul - Peter
  • 1988: Double Standard
  • 1989: Columbo: Grand Deceptions
  • 1990: Face to Face (Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation)
  • 1992: With Murder in Mind
  • 2006: The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines


External links

Robert Foxworth -External links
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